Past Events

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Nigel and Louise's Festival Of Adventures

Curated by Nigel Barrett and
Louise Mari from Shunt

Please Note Performances are 7pm!


The first festival of installation performance aimed at children.

Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari have gathered together some friends to create a selection box of experiences for children.
In groups of 6 the children will be taken in turn to 5 different rooms to be immersed in 5 very different performance installations by artists Xana Marwick, Mamoru Iriguchi, George Tomlinson, Andy Field, Zoe Payne and Nigel and Louise themselves.
There will be a juice bar speakeasy.

School performances through the week





Schools Tuesday to Friday 9.45am 11.45am and 1.45pm

Press tickets available throughout week - please call

Public Performances:Thursday 23 February 7pm
Friday 24 February 7pm

Redbridge Drama Centre